Xbox 360 music library not updating

13-May-2016 09:27 by 8 Comments

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As you may know, I’m writing a free e Book about these services and this app called (for now) Xbox Music Book. This is similar to what Microsoft did with its Sky Drive app. In the previous version of the Music app, you could only manually match albums to the Xbox Music Store, making that content available through your cloud collection (or what Microsoft is here calling “music in the cloud.”) In this version, you can now trigger an automatic match of your collection, which is nice.This app update will necessitate a small update to the book manuscript, which I’ll provide today or tomorrow depending on my schedule. But it still won’t match music that is in Xbox Music Store; this is a feature of the matching services offered by Amazon, Apple, and Google. Previously, you could only access the system-wide volume controls, but the new version of the Music app sports an app bar-based volume control that is app specific. Users with big music collections previously complained that the Music app offered no simple way to traverse long lists of artists, albums, or songs.

Note: This article is excerpted from my free e-book, , which you can download in PDF, e Pub and Mobi formats from the Field Guide Books web site. –Paul Obviously, this activity will be particularly interesting to those who do not subscribe to an Xbox Music Pass.You can also use any Smart Glass enabled device to control or mirror your Plex library.Available Anywhere Stream all of your media to all your devices, anytime, anywhere, with the same beautiful experience on all of them.No matter what setting I change, leave the homegroup or rejoin, I only get the above folders in the XBox.If I change the media libray name, this updates, but nothing else.I would prefer not to reinstall Windows to fix this.

Forget scrolling through your entire media collection trying to decide what to play next.

My previous system with Vista worked fine, but in Windows 7 nothing seems to work.

I am getting very frustrated as I have been trying to fix this for around 5 hours now.

first, I have 43 albums in my collection, stored locally.

I disable cloud sync and Music Pass downloads so all I see are the tracks stored in My Music library.

When I use the desktop Zune Software, it finds all of this music. It was indeed fixed in the latest version, but the app does not recognize "Some Band" and "The Some Band" (i.e.