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We provide peer support to women and families living with HIV.” The women get asked all kinds of questions by newly diagnosed women. “We kissed and it was at that point that I knew I had to tell him, regardless of whether he wanted to hear it or not.I just didn’t want it to go any further at that point.

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Is he worried this choice will make your son’s life harder? Or is he just a freestanding bigot and circumstances never lined up in a way that revealed this to you before?

That’s the old I’m-not-a-racist-but-everyone-else-is dodge. I mean, you’ve had over 20 years with the guy; I find it hard to believe there’s been no indication this was coming.

At the same time, though, one’s own children and their choices can test our beliefs with a force that little else can. You have to do better than “because they are” if you want him to do better than “uncomfortable feelings.” Ask him how he’d feel if a woman’s parents saw your son as an inferior match for their daughter based on his skin color alone.

The Duchess of York recently opened up to "Extra's" Jerry Penacoli and said, "I would love to find a younger man," when Penacoli recalled he heard Sarah Ferguson was a bit jealous of Demi Moore.

Ferguson added, "I don't want some crusty old bore, it would drive me nuts." Sarah revealed the description of her perfect man is actually her ex-husband, Prince Andrew, with whom she has not reconciled with.

On a night on the town, I was drugged and ended up being fondled and kissed by a man my group had met earlier in the day at a bar.

The next day I woke up feeling so not like myself in every way imaginable. “At the time, I was homeless and using drugs and making very bad choices in my life. ” Recently, they’ve been getting asked more and more about dating. I was 25 and I had been dating a guy for about five years. We found out he had full-blown AIDS so I got tested. Then I also tested positive.” Brenda Higgins was diagnosed in 2007.Dear Carolyn: My husband is uncomfortable with our 20-year-old white son dating a black woman.When he asks why his feelings are wrong, what can I say besides, “Because they are”? Dear What: His view is immoral on its face to anyone who believes foremost that humans of all shapes, sizes and colors are of equal worth and deserve to be *reflexively* accepted and treated as such.“I dated a guy, recently, and the disclosure did not go well.

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