Who is paul newman dating

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Who is paul newman dating

But their partnership became such an institution that few people realised Newman had been married before - and that he had broken up the marriage in circumstances that did him little credit and about which he was ashamed for the rest of his life.The name of his first wife was Jackie Witte, a tall, dark-eyed blonde, and, in the years just after World War II, an aspiring actor like him.

I wore tons of makeup and dyed my hair from blonde to Playboy-white. We were never best friends, but it was cool getting to know them.

“She barely speaks anymore and hardly ever recognizes her own daughters or grandchildren,” says the insider.

“It’s heartbreaking to see her this way.” Paul and Joanne in NYC in 2004.

Newman, a 24-year-old Navy veteran, had turned his back on a job in the family firm, a successful business selling sportswear in Cleveland, Ohio, and, inspired by some acting he had done at university, tried to find work in local repertory theatres around the Mid-west.

Jackie was just 19 and yet to graduate from college when they met up at a small town where they both had taken summer stage work.

“The girls saw their mom becoming slightly disoriented, but they chalked it up to her depression after Paul’s death,” says the insider.

But now the disease has progressed to such an extent that Joanne needs round-the-clock care.

Levy writes in the book: "Mc Queen was a star, but...

he felt a kind of rivalry with Newman as a real man who didn't stand for Hollywood cant and gloss.

“Joanne will occasionally say she used to be married to someone handsome, but that’s it.

She doesn’t even remember the love of her life.” RELATED: Paul Newman: Inside His Dangerous Passion Shortly after Paul’s death from cancer in 2008 at age 83, Joanne began showing signs of distress.

Paul Newman: A Life, by Shawn Levy, portrays the Oscar-winning actor, who died last year of cancer, as a functioning alcoholic who wore a bottle opener on a chain around his neck and drank up to a case of beer a day, followed by Scotch.

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