Updating task status updates resource status

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Updating task status updates resource status

Similarly, if the current leading master fails and a new leading master is elected, metrics at the new master will be reset.Mesos provides two different kinds of metrics: counters and gauges.

RENDLER provides example framework implementations in C , Go, Haskell, Java, Python and Scala.Ports assigned to running instances are also available via the task resource.We will probably provide an alternative way to configure this for non-Docker apps in the future as well, see Rethink ports API. Alternatively or if you use the Mesos Containerizer, pass zeros as port values to generate one or more arbitrary free ports for each application instance.Counters keep track of discrete events and are monotonically increasing.The value of a metric of this type is always a natural number.Your framework scheduler should inherit from the /* * Invoked when the scheduler successfully registers with a Mesos * master.

A unique ID (generated by the master) used for * distinguishing this framework from others and `Master Info` * with the ip and port of the current master are provided as arguments.You can use this information to create automated alerts and to plot different metrics over time inside a monitoring dashboard.Metric information is not persisted to disk at either master or agent nodes, which means that metrics will be reset when masters and agents are restarted.$ kubectl rolling-update frontend-v1 -f frontend-v2// Update pods of frontend-v1 using JSON data passed into stdin.$ cat frontend-v2| kubectl rolling-update frontend-v1 -f - is specified, a new replication controller is created with a temporary name.If you are writing a scheduler against Mesos 1.0 or newer, it is recommended to use the new HTTP API to talk to Mesos.

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