Updating status requires the extended permission statusupdate

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Updating status requires the extended permission statusupdate - huddersfield online college dating

Your app may use this permission without review from Facebook.These permissions are not optional in the login dialog during the login flow, meaning they are non-optional for people when logging into your app.

, require that you have Client OAuth Login enabled for your app on the Facebook Login tab of your app dashboard.

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Before the Facebook wiki is shut down, the error code list can be found there..... On this page, you can find all of the potential errors that could be returned, as well as the functions which can return them. If you want to degrade gracefully, you will need to catch them appropriately.

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During basic login, your app receives access to a person's public profile.

To access additional profile information or to publish content to Facebook on their behalf, you need to request additional permissions, see Permissions with Facebook Login.

In the example below, we see the error returned when an otherwise-valid request is made from an unauthorized IP address * This error is returned when the field name is sometimes valid, but not all the time.

I have a game application released at the Facebook platform. I have used the Facebook service and called the code so how can I solve this problem?

In the application setting look Authentication and in the Authentication setting must tick Facebook Pages Now save the api and secret key either in your database or config file.

Update Status or Publish in Wall of your facebook page: To update status of a facebook page, you must have to become an admin of that page.

If you want them to be optional, you should structure your app to only request them when absolutely necessary and not during initial login.

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