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With Flash already assigned to history, these vulnerabilities aren’t helping its survival.You might have also seen telltale "Blocked Plug-in" when attempting to view Flash content in Safari - all of which leads to us and Apple suggesting that you should stop using Flash Player all together and adopt HTML5 content.

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Starting from Adobe’s Flash Player 11.2 which was launched May 4, 2012, Adobe comes with the feature of auto-update which silently runs in the background and updates the flash player and all its Active X Plugins without bugging the user, providing him a smoother experience.In this way, because the Mac's internal system bypasses fake websites entirely, you are far less likely to be fooled by phishing websites.This is the most secure way to update Flash Player.Apple assumes no responsibility with regard to the selection, performance, or use of third-party websites or products. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.Apple makes no representations regarding third-party website accuracy or reliability. In mac OS Sierra, Safari 10 now disables Adobe's Flash Player by default - an option you had to previously select to disable.

Suggesting Apple no longer wants its customers to be exposed to Flash vulnerabilities and wants you running on HTML5, the newer, safer way of browsing the web. There’s a different version depending on the age of your operating system.So that means, if you have switched on your computer at around 7 in the morning and Adobe has released an update at 8 the same morning, the flash player on your computer will only get updated after midnight unless you are a Chrome user and have triggered any flash events following which, the plugin will be updated automatically.Well, it might not look that big a deal, but if you know that an important security patch has been released and you want to update your Adobe Flash Player right away, here’s how you can do it manually.Before you update Adobe, make sure you have closed all the running instances of your browser.You can go ahead and copy this article in Word Pad for reference.When the uninstaller has finished it is also wise to delete a couple of folders, according to Adobe. This window appears whenever you download an app from the internet, it’s designed to protect you if the app might not be legitimate. You might be glad to see the back of Flash if it means you don’t have to watch web ads, but many of the UK on demand channels still use it, such as All4.