Trends in online dating

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Trends in online dating

This new phenomenon is as scary as it sounds: being zombied - the next dating fad that's bound to drive you up the wall.It starts off with similar behaviour to ghosting, where someone you have been chatting with goes days without responding or acknowledging your message.

“I think because [decision making in dating apps] is so fast paced we've conditioned people to just wonder, ‘what's next? “I think a lot of people my age are concerned that the person that they're on a date with is thinking, ‘is there something better? ’” “So true,” agreed Allison Norris, a 28 year-old single woman living in Melbourne. They were pretty open about it.” In the face of so much choice, users aren’t afraid to be picky and quick in their decisions – perhaps, somewhat paradoxically, contributing to singledom numbers.

“Some guys are just looking for a distraction or company. “Often it is the harsh reality that they are speaking to a number of people on the app.

It’s also worth remembering that some people use dating apps purely as a vanity exercise.

She told “Apps like Tinder and Bumble are not where we meet guys we like.

[Chatting with matches] is something to pass the time. There’s also a certain amount of paranoia that once you’ve chatted online so much, you’re not going to be as chatty in person.” Stylist Vincente Ben feels that people use these apps exclusively to chat because they feel lonely. Perhaps they’re not brave enough to go to a club and flirt with real men so they use the apps for that.” Dating expert Charly Lester assures people to not take being breadcrumbed too personally, and that online dating is all a numbers game.

“Like if you’re about to go to a movie, that’s something you like to do so if someone else is interested [in joining you on Happn] then you guys have something in common.”Despite the bad rep that dating apps get, Claire is certain that most people are after “The One”.

“The more I talk to our users, everywhere in the world, you discover that bottom line, they’re looking for the right person.” In fact, she’s noticed that their user numbers are quite low on Friday and Saturday nights, suggesting people prefer to go out with friends over random hookups. “It’s like, 'OK we had a nice night, we had fun' but then in the morning, they want someone to share the day with.”Many people blame dating apps for creating "disposable" dating. You meet someone at a bar or club, engage in a fleeting courtship, and enjoy a fulfilling relationship — until the wheels begin to loosen, and the realization sets in that maybe you’re not as perfect a couple as you had originally thought. In the information age, online dating sites have revolutionized the way humans beings meet, creating new opportunities and expectations for compatibility.For many singles, the world of internet dating has gone from last resort to first choice for many singles.Dating app Tinder says 15 per cent of Australia’s population – almost 3.5 million people - use their services, propelled by lust or the quest for love.Matchmaking website RSVP boasts that 1,200 new singles join the site every day, while competitor e Harmony claims they are responsible for 11,000 Australian marriages since 2007.Leaving aside ageing population factors, could the two trends be linked?