Ssms intellisense not updating

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DBSource Tools is a GUI utility to help developers bring SQL Server databases under source control.A powerful database scripter, code editor, sql generator, and database versioning tool.

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In general you should consider the following important points, focusing in the fact that there are two kinds of statistics: index and column statistics.

1 Difficult to determine the exact problem from your question, but try to refresh the intellisense cache – pero Sep 13 '12 at yeah that i know but when i type DBname with dot it should show intellisense but not showing. Try updating your sql server and restart your machine.

– Vikrant More Sep 13 '12 at @Vikrant More I suggest you to use third party software free edition has Intellisense Why it doesn't work - If you've Visual studio install it may create problem explained here.. If there is still such problem than you have to re install it.

Hi i am using SQL SERVER 2008 R2 Management Studio, my intellisense is not working, it is enabled when i right click but still not able to use can anyone now about this what happens and why i am not able to use it.

Thanks in advanced.相关推荐:SQL Server 2008 R2 64bit Management Studion - Intellisense not working on Windows 72012. What else can I try I have SP3 for SQL Server 2008 R2 64bit installed.

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If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help center, please edit the question. – Vikrant More Sep 13 '12 at 2 Just as a suggestion - please make sure that you're connecting to SQL Server 2008. – Alexander Sep 13 '12 at There may be some problem of missing dll files.

Go to the same menu item, but this time choose Import selected environment settings.

You will be prompted to save your current settings (a good idea; in the event you can't stand my colors, it will be easy to revert): Then you will likely have to move the above files into your Documents \ SQL Server Management Studio \ Settings \ SQL Server Management Studio folder to have them show up here: Then the following options should be the only ones selected, and you can choose Finish: Note that some settings may not take effect until you re-launch Management Studio (grid and text result settings are still sticky even in the most recent SQL Server 2016 version).

REBUILD statement, will update only index statistics with the equivalent of using WITH FULLSCAN.

Rebuilding indexes does not update any column statistics.

I also have Visual Studio 2010, 2012, and 2013 installed with latest Service packs and updates.

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