Shroud of turin carbon dating wiki

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Shroud of turin carbon dating wiki - Online nude date chat

During his career Rogers published over forty peer-reviewed papers on chemistry.

No such object is mentioned in accounts of the entombment of Jesus, but a face cloth is mentioned as having been present in the empty tomb in .He received other awards and recognitions from LANL and many professional organizations.He was granted a sabbatical in 1968 to pursue post-graduate studies in archaeology.Photography of the shroud by Secondo Pia in 1898 indicated that the image resembled a photographic 'negative' and represents the first modern study.Subsequently the shroud was made available for scientific examination, first in 19 by a committee appointed by Cardinal Michele Pellegrino .Even if the shroud was authentically proven to come from 1st century Judea, this would only show that someone was crucified, and crucifixion as a common punishment at the time has never been disputed.

There would be no reason to presume it was Jesus in particular.

Other honors included being named a Tour Speaker for the American Chemical Society in 1971, the Los Alamos National Laboratory, Distinguished Performance Award in 1984 and the Department of the Air Force Exceptional Civilian Service Medal in 1991. Rogers was appointed Director of Chemical Research for the Shroud of Turin Research Project (STURP) in 1978, applying thermal methods to the study of this relic.

He also served as the editor for Energetic Materials, a peer-reviewed scientific journal from 1983-1988. In recent years, he further researched material relevant to the dating of the Shroud, publishing his findings in Thermochimica Acta.

Sindonology is the "scientific" study of the Shroud of Turin.

Unfortunately, most of this "science" is directed at trying to prove that the shroud is the actual burial cloth of Jesus Christ, making it on par with Lysenkoism in the sense that it is attempting to prove the already falsified.

At the University of Arizona he studied chemistry receiving a BS in 1950.

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