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i hope in the future you can make amazing song as always^^ keep fighting and keep dong what you like, aniki! the song you made will remain in our hearts forever... Haiii, I'm so happy to hear your songs....are awesome...thank you for giving such wonderful songs......if Korean is not my language i don't understand much but subtitles makes soo much thank you yonghwa you are the most handsome guy in my life... l love your songs and I love your acting although I was disappointed you denied dating your co-star in heart string coz you are so cute together ????? I received this film 'You are Beautiful' from a friend of mine one week ago. After I watched this film, I loved the acting done by actor Jung. I wish Jung to be able to get a better future as an actor :) Iam one of your fan..from india..though iam an indian,i watch korean dramas and films...first i watch u from you're beautiful..i search your songs and dramas...i watch many of them...i like u very much Jung yung hwa oppa i really like you i dont know why the first time i saw your picture ohh i cant understand myself i always thinking of you ..

For example, in February of 2007, Symantec reported that porn spam had dropped from 22% of spam to just 4%.Creepy behavior means acting in such a way that it causes a woman’s Spidey-sense to start tingling – that is to say, acting or behaving in a manner that makes someone fundamentally uncomfortable or feel threatened.This may mean that the creepy person is pushing up against somebody’s boundaries – turning the conversation in an unwelcome discussion about sex, showing them obscene pictures, ignoring indications that their presence is unwanted – or that they’re acting in such a way that their behavior could be seen as a threat – such as backing someone up against a wall during a conversation or grabbing them by the arm.It is always possible that the flood of pornographic spam is mere coincidence, but you can’t rule out the possibility that your boyfriend used his Gmail account to register with a porn site at some point, which then sold his email address to other players in the industry.The more important question is, do you care if your boyfriend uses pornography?We are sorry to hear that you are having issues logging into your account.

Please verify the spelling of your username and password before you try logging in again.Why does my boyfriend’s Gmail account get loaded with nothing but porn emails in his spam folder, while my Gmail account gets none?My spam is always empty, and he gets up to 30 porn spam emails a day. The Harvard MBA says: I suspect you probably already know the answer, but I’ll give my thoughts anyways.korean drama had been my favorite movie and after i watched heartstring i fell in luv wid ur strings i got inspired nd wrote some songs id luv it if i see you perform live in nigeria..u all dbest...fighting! Hope u r humble and quiet as u were in heartstrings. btw...are you gonna continue to act in the three musketeers......... :) I downloaded all of your songs (CNBlue group and solo) and listened to it. : D While listening to your music, I was inspired to write a song again. so please be like that 4 a long time.....forever...... U r beautiful as u r now so please don't get involved in plastic surgery as others and grow old gracefully. I so much love you after I watched heartstings I became addicted to your songs you are good and I will continue to be your number one star Don't be afraid to face anything You've got it in you and you will be great Saranhgae oppa A Message To You I wasn't a kpop lover to be honest, but when I got influenced by my friend to watch the Heartstrings drama, I became curious when I first saw you there.. I was writting songs before during my highschool days. So even you don't have any idea how you helped me get into composing again, I just wanna let you know I am so grateful for you. ^^ Be strong in facing all challenges That will mold you to be a better person every single day of your life... Se você não lembra mais a sua senha ou se apareceu a mensagem "Credenciais de usuário inválidas ou expiraram" no aplicativo/Minha Conta, não se preocupe, é muito simples de alterar!

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