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Other exciting events include the Festival del Caribe and Fiesta del Fuego.

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A charming, hilly neighborhood just south of Parque Céspedes (loosely bordered by Av.

The role that Santiago de Cuba has played in Cuban history has earned it the title of Ciudad Héroe.

In more than 500 years of its foundation, the city has become a historical and cultural reference of the Caribbean island.

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Its colorful streets sweep up and down steep hills, giving visitors a nice workout on a stroll through the city.

Cuba’s second-largest city, Santiago de Cuba was founded on June 28, 1524 by the Spanish. Santiago de Cuba is authentic Caribbean through and through.The city witnessed the wars of independence as well as the revolutionary movements.The streets of Santiago de Cuba maintain the essence of Spanish, French and Caribbean architecture.Non-stop flights will operate (as from November, 3rd 2016), with daily departures from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) flying to Antonio Maceo International Airport of Santiago de Cuba (SCU).Santiago de Cuba - Antonio Maceo International Antonio Maceo Airport is the international airport of Santiago de Cuba, handling domestic, regional and international flights.Located at the east of Cuba, between the Sierra Maestra and the Caribbean, the location of Santiago gave it an important role in the historical and cultural development.