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Right now, most evidence suggests that humans arrived in North America around 15,000 years ago.But a team of archaeologists analyzing mastodon remains found that the bones showed signs of being broken by human tools, and were buried in ways that suggested human work as opposed to death from natural causes.

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In 1955, Suess was recruited for the faculty of Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and in 1958 he became one of the four founding faculty members of the University of California, San Diego.In these cases, the findings could be explained as the outcome of geological or biological processes that superficially mimic human-made items, or the associations of the dated sediments with the artefacts are questionable.Time will tell whether this evidence will bring a paradigm change in our understanding of processes of hominin dispersal and colonization throughout the world (including in what now seems to be a not-so-new New World).Most importantly, uranium-thorium dating found that the bones were about 130,000 years old.The results, published today in the journal , change what we know of the history of human migration.Genetic studies have also suggested that modern humans entered America from Asia even earlier, around 23,000 years ago.

haven’t accepted that,” says Bonnie Pitblado from the University of Oklahoma.Andrea Cook has more than 10 years of experience in conducting scientific research.She has studied such divergent things as the endangered Karner Blue butterfly in Michigan, the arctic tundra in Alaska, CO2 springs in Iceland and Japan, zooplankton in Antarctica, and volcanic CO2 emissions from Mammoth Mountain in California.That would push back the earliest archaeological evidence for humans in North America by a whopping To put that in perspective, for decades, the first American settlers were thought to be the Clovis people, who arrived 13,000 years ago.But by discovering older sites with strong evidence of human activity, archaeologists confirmed that the continent had a pre-Clovis presence that dates back 14,600 years—or perhaps even further.The program includes an activity using M&M's candy illustrating "half life", a concept critical in understanding how radiocarbon dating works.

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    Determining the Age of Rocks and Fossils, University of California, Berkeley.

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