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48.* Taylor Adams traded by Greater Western Sydney for Heath Shaw.

Olarenshaw is the managing director and 50% owner of Athletes One. Following the 2009 AFL Season he was sacked as Channel 7's boundary rider and replaced with Matthew Richardson.

* Jesse White traded by Sydney for draft pick 44 (Aliir Aliir).

* Patrick Karnezis traded by Brisbane for Jackson Paine.

Olarenshaw was traded to Collingwood (instead of his preferred club, the Kangaroos) at the end of 1998 after agreeing to leave Essendon.

Olarenshaw was disillusioned by the new surroundings at Collingwood and suffered injuries that restricted him to just five games with the club.

The complete history of players selected by Collingwood since the inaugural National Draft in 1986 can be found below.

Notes* Draft choice 30 traded by Sydney for Gavin Rose * Draft choice 41 traded by Fitzroy for Brad Boyd * Draft choice 81 traded by Brisbane for Colin Alexander * Tony Woods traded by Fitzroy for pick 33 * Brad Hardie traded by Brisbane for an unutilised draft pick * Gary Pert traded by Fitzroy for picks 2 & 20 * Brad Rowe traded by Brisbane for an unutilised draft pick* Scott Crow and Alex Mc Donald traded by Hawthorn for pick 54 (Adam Ansell) * Matthew Francis traded by Richmond for Robert Powell * Adrian Mc Adam traded by North Melbourne for Bradley Plain * Robert Pyman traded by North Melbourne for pick 26 (Chris Groom)* Draft choices 19 & 65 traded by Carlton for Mick Mc Guane * Anthony Rocca traded by Sydney for picks 14 (Brett O'Farrell), 33 (Will Sangster) and Ben Wilson/Mark Orchard * John Barnett traded by North Melbourne for pick 70 (Adam Hay) * Richard Osborne traded by Footscray for pick 61 (Stephen Powell) * Jonathan Ross traded by Adelaide for Brett James* Ricky Olarenshaw and pick 41 traded by Essendon for pick 12 (Adam Ramanauskas) * Paul Licuria/Mark Orchard and pick 44 traded by Sydney for pick 3 (Nic Fosdike) * Tyson Lane traded by Western Bulldogs for Josh Mahoney* Steven Mc Kee and pick 7 by Richmond for Clinton King and pick 3 (Aaron Fiora) * Andrew Ukovic traded by Essendon for Jonathan Robran and pick 40 (David Hille) * Mark Kinnear and pick 34 traded by Sydney for Andrew Schauble* Pick 37 traded by Kangaroos for Ricky Olarenshaw and pick 8 (Daniel Motlop) * James Clement and Brodie Holland traded by Fremantle for pick 39 (Adam Mc Phee) * Jarrod Molloy traded by Brisbane for Malcolm Michael and pick 22 (Richard Hadley) * Carl Steinfort traded by Geelong for pick 44 (Josh Hunt) * Picks No. 39 traded by Sydney for Paul Williams* Andrew Krakouer, John Ceglar (pre-listed by Gold Coast) and picks 55, 78 and 95 traded by Gold Coast for pick 25. The left-foot wingman was an important player in the 1993 Bombers premiership side (known as the "Baby Bombers").Over the following seasons he suffered numerous injuries, particularly to his rib and back, but he went on to enjoy a good season in 1997.Rick Olarenshaw (born 1 February 1973) is a former Australian rules footballer in the Australian Football League.He was formerly a boundary rider for Network Seven until being replaced by Matthew Richardson.She finds inspiration for her life-like birds when she sees them in their natural state.