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These stem cells are genetically identical to the ones of the original cell donor and can therefore be used to create specialized cells artificially in order to fight diseases and eventually even create genetically compatible organs.

Reproductive human cloning gives life to a new human being.

Not only is it difficult today to obtain an organ but even if organs are available many are being rejected by the body because of incompatibility; let alone the brutal way some organs are being obtained i.e.

by buying them from people in third world countries or even extracting them without the donor’s consent !

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Until recently only sexual reproduction or artificial reproduction techniques e.g. Reproductive cloning represents a new reproduction technique by which life can be given to an identical twin of the original cell donor. Therapeutic cloning can be used to fight diseases and create organs artificially.

Once specialized cells can be derived from cloned embryos the following diseases threatening millions of people on earth can be treated: • Brain disorders like Parkinson and Alzheimer thanks to derived brain cells • Diabetes thanks to derived insulin-producing pancreatic islet cells • Spinal cord damage thanks to derived nerve cells • Autoimmune disorders such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis thanks to derived cells of blood and bone marrow • Cancer In addition, it will help to save the lives of the thousands of people worldwide waiting for an organ transplantation by helping to create artificial organs.

The word "cloning" etymologically comes from the Greek and means "asexual reproduction".