Podpress not updating itunes

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A couple of weeks ago, I offered up 8 Professional Podcast Production Tips.If you followed those, you should have a professional-sounding show all ready for the world to hear. The process of publishing a podcast is at least as complicated as producing the episodes to begin with.

Read more to find out how to add an i Tunes Subscribe Button to a Word Press blog for a podcast.

Which approach you choose depends on your needs, your own technical expertise, and how much spare time you have.

Remember: every hour you spend publishing your podcast is an hour you don’t have to spend producing another great episode of your show!

But in three years, the best solution you have is to dig through the feed? Blubrry and Libsyn stats are simliar with a slight edge to Blubrry for being more user friendly.

I tried to get the hosts to line up in a fashion that we could compare apples to apples. For the most part I chose the price point closest to . Soundcloud is the cheapest coming in at .0021 per meg (that's almost free) Podbean comes in at .03 per meg of storage (300 megs per month) comes in at .05 per meg (400 megs per month) comes in at .08 per meg (250 Megs per month) Note: If you want stats that provide details of where your downloads are coming from (countries) you need to have the a month plan for 1.5 gigabytes of storage (which is overkill in 99% of the cases). Libsyn actually gives you more information (cities).

No matter how you go about it, publishing a podcast comes down to serving up relatively sizeable files for download.

And if your show is the success you hope it to be, you’re going to be serving a of files, possibly in a very short space of time.Note: For the record you can get a free month at or using the coupon code sopfree you will see that even though using those codes benefits me financially, those companies don't always finish on top.Here is a print version of this article with a few more screen shots. Give me the ability to have an unlimited back catalog (unlimited storage) 3. Honorable mention: If I use your RSS feed, I need to be able to insert a redirect if I decide to leave your service. No stats, and your start cheap, but get really expensive if I get popular. Podmatic – Limited bandwidth, limited storage, and no way to leave (you hijack my feed) – You change my file, and I have to ask to leave.Here are some tips to help you set your podcast up in i Tunes.The very nature of podcasting is rooted in how updates are made available to your audience.You still have to manage the RSS feed and hosting of your audio/video files yourself.