Microsoft synchronization services updating client database

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In this article, I’ll cover how Sync Services for ADO.

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NET, developers can easily optimize their online experience by caching data locally within the easy-to-deploy SQL Server Compact embedded database engine.

Whenever I go into a fast food centre to order food, I get a couple of choices: ‘to-go’ (take-away) or ‘have it here’ (eat-in).

Because I usually need to get back to work quickly, I mostly choose to-go (take-away) and take the meal back to my home or work place.

The requirement to access data anytime anywhere, immaterial of whether you are connected or disconnected is increasingly important.

This article talks about Synchronization Services for ADO. This allows you to take your data ‘to-go’ along with your application. There are a few technologies that are already available for managing a local database along with your application.

Steve is a Program Manager at Microsoft working to empower developers to enable their occasionally connected users.

For Visual Studio 2005, Steve was on the Visual Basic team working on many of the data design-time features for building client applications including the Data Source Window, Data Set Designer, Object Binding, and enabling SQL Server Compact for usage across all Windows operating systems.

Many if not most enterprise mobile applications need to interact with a server side database of some kind.

Mobile Apps for Sales, Direct Store Delivery and CRM, for example, usually need to have this functionality in order to work.

Working with Windows Phone 8 and a locally IIS server is usually more simple and confortable.

However, if you don’t have a locally IIS web server installed, you have two solutions : Note : As you can imagine, in the followings sections, I will use a local IIS web server.

Before starting to develop your projects, be sure to meet those requirements.

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