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For most people, pound symbols looked strange and new.

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The pound symbol had already pervaded other corners of the web.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) used the pound sign to represent chat rooms, or conversation “channels”; another social network called Jaiku also had them.

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The illustrated World Allergy Organization (WAO) Anaphylaxis Guidelines were created in response to absence of global guidelines for anaphylaxis.

new field cnum which holds the customer number for different ERP software - fix bug 10981: the merging of language file did remove new translations - fix bug with not replace marker for FIELD_date_of_birth split pi1/into separate files for each language in l10n/pi1 to decrease the needed memory amount for each FE user.

If you want to follow conversation threads relating to this show on social media — whether Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, Tumblr — you know to look for the hashtag: #99pi. The hashtag, as we know it, was born one day in 2007.

But as Murphy notes, this resurgence of interest in Quintilian was short-lived, and by 1225, his work had again slipped into obscurity.

Yet this resurgence is notable, given that these French scholars did not have access to a full manuscript of the Institutes.

In our current digital age, the hashtag identifies movements, events, happenings, brands — topics of all kinds. An early Twitter user named Chris Messina, in anticipation of an event called Bar Camp, tweeted out: “Barcamp” doesn’t require a hashtag, because if you type “barcamp” (with no space between “bar” and “camp”) into the search box, it’s a specific enough term that you will probably not get too many unrelated hits.

But if, say, the event had been stylized “Bar Camp,” a search thereof would also yield results for bars and camps. The “#” was a way to create clear, super-specific search term.

Chris Messina reached out to Nate Ritter and proposed that he use “#sandiegofire.” Then other people looking to find out about the fire would know exactly where to look on Twitter.

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