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"It seems he was attacked from behind because we found a wound on his back."Reticulated pythons grab onto their prey with dozens of sharp curved teeth and then squeeze it to death before swallowing it whole.

The court in conservative Aceh province said the men, aged 20 and 23, would each be subjected to 85 lashes for having sexual relations.

One of the men wept and pleaded for leniency at the sentencing which coincided with International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

(Photo: West Sulawesi Police)AKARTA, Indonesia (AP) - A 25-year-old Indonesian man has been swallowed whole by a python on the island of Sulawesi, villagers and news reports said.

A video shows villagers slicing open the python's carcass to reveal the legs and torso of the dead victim, named Akbar.

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