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Tom Mabe decided, once and for all, to catch the thief in the act - and concocted a plan.He installed surveillance cameras around the house and packed together a very special package that he hoped the thief would come and grab from the porch.

It’s also important to distinguish between dark green stool (1) in adults and any dark green poop from a baby.

is on the chefs competing for one of Ramsay's coveted executive chef positions.

And not just because the chefs are pushed to their physical limitations, either.

Aside from the emotional stress over the situation, avoiding going number two (that is, having a bowel movement) can lead to constipation.

As food moves through the colon, the colon absorbs water from the food while it forms waste products, or stool.

If you've never seen the show, here's how it works: a group of not-quite-camera-ready chefs from all walks of life (line cooks, sous chefs, and everything in between) are herded into a dorm and put through hell in hopes of landing a job as the executive chef of one of Ramsay's restaurants.

It's kind of like where it appears that Gordon Ramsay and some hotheaded young chef — and it is often a young meathead dude from Long Island or New Jersey or Philadelphia — are on the verge of coming to blows.

Poo is a mix of undigested food, bile, bacteria, and dead blood cells.

The brown coloration happens during the stool’s journey through the digestive tract where intestinal bacteria break down and feast on the leftover bile and other cell detritus it contains.

But as you might expect, that's basically entirely fabricated for the sake of drama.

In reality, if the contestants thought about throwing a punch in Ramsay's direction, they'd be tackled to the ground before they could cock their arms back.

There are many questions that perennially plague human existence: Why are we here? Dark green poop may be surprising or alarming upon your first encounter, but it actually has a very simple biological explanation and, as far as the brilliant rainbow of feces is concerned, is not normally a cause of significant concern.