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Erin Burnett is very active on Twitter and has millions of followers.

We're going to embrace it, because you can't change your gender…well, I guess you can, but I'm not going to be Chaz Bono, right? ) is turning 80 today, she just had a Hollywood square (an actual intersection next to her alma mater Hollywood High School) named in her honor, and her new book Burnett has already written two memoirs about her life and long career, but her latest book dives into her role as a mother and the tragedy of losing her daughter, actress Carrie Hamilton, to cancer in 2002 at the age of 38.The star opens up about her daughter’s life from being a quirky kid to her teenage struggle with drug addiction to coming into her own as a writer and performer (Carrie starred in the TV version of ) and finally, to her hard-fought battle with cancer.I was always optimistic because I had seen all these movies that had positive endings.Nothing was cynical in those days so I always thought, ’Okay, I’ll be fine.’You write in how you realized that Carrie might have had a harder time growing up than you?"I do believe that people care about news, they want trusted people to deliver the news, and there's a modern way of doing the news which does have a point of view and a personality," she said.

"And (on cable news), anyone from 20 to 61, that's a huge market base that is currently underserved." Some might say that audience is already getting served by The Daily Show and Colbert Report.The details about Erin Burnett personal life will also tell us what led to her becoming one of the most sought after married female news anchors. The journalist Erin Burnett wiki also mentions that she was born in Mardela Springs, Maryland, USA.Erin Burnett family background is that of an Irish and Scottish ancestry. Erin Burnett education happened from Andrew’s School in Middletown, Delaware from where she graduated in 1994. The baby will be the first for Burnett, 36, and her husband, David Rubulotta, 42, a managing director at Citigroup.They were married in December, and the baby is due in November.The news anchor Erin Burnett net worth is million in 2016.