Dating columbia 78s

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Dating columbia 78s - who is nikki six dating

However, it is always worth sending your list, as you may be pleasantly surprised by my offer if I find some rarities amongst your records.

If you have never mailed 78s through the mail before, I can tell you how to do it.please go to my: Enquiries page And tell me: - How many records you have (as a rough guide 100 records equals one foot of shelf space) - Type of music (music hall/rock'n'roll etc.) - Whereabouts the records are located (nearest post town or first part of postcode, for example IP10, is fine).If you have a list of your records, send these in your message either as plain text or as an Excel/Word (or .doc) or PDF attachment only.Make sure the 78s are in sleeves, place the stack of 78s between cardboard, wrap tape around the bundle so they don't slide around, put the package in a box within a box.When I buy 78s from people, I usually send an "empty box" to those sellers ahead of time.This may help readers who are uncertain about the condition of their own 78s.

When we have the right words or phrases, we know what to look for. So one can brag about owning a rare jazz title or obscure blues record.

The records I am looking for often carry the word "comic", "comedian" or similar description on the label.

(See annotated picture below) Depending on Artist, rarity and condition, my offer will typically range between 2 and 50 pounds sterling each for early (pre 1920) music hall records.

I am always interested in buying good collections of 78rpm records within the UK, but only if they include some music hall, personality, spoken word, or rock'n'roll records.

In general, the older the better (apart from rock'n'roll records where the newer the better) With the passing years, there are far more 78s around than collectors to buy them.

I keep these 4 ot 5 of these boxes handy--just the right size for 78s (I am talking about a box within a bigger box, with bubble-wrap and plastic peanuts for protection). When shipping heavy 78s, send your box UPS (the advantage is free insurance up to 0) or U. Postal (the advantage is that 4th class postage can be quite low).