Creating and updating duplicate databases with rman

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Creating and updating duplicate databases with rman

Run the same command periodically # to re-create the database, thereby keeping the duplicate # in sync with the target.For versions of Oracle 11g R2, Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) replicates a database to a different Oracle home and opens it with NORESET LOGS option.

creating and updating duplicate databases with rman-80

The server name of the production database is PROD_SERVER and the server name of the auxiliary database is DUP_SERVER It's possible to create a password file on the production server as well as on the auxiliary server.command again, essentially re-creating the duplicate database.This technique requires making complete copies of the datafiles of the duplicate database.Duplicate from active database is an easy task ONLY IF you follow all the steps accurately.Otherwise, it can be a complicated task, and you can waste your time troubleshooting.Because the passwords of target and auxiliary databases password files should not be similar as it's a security threat.

However, it should be mentioned that when creating standby database from RMAN, the password file has to be same.From Oracle 12c R1, database RMAN introduced an option called ‘NO OPEN’, which duplicates your database to a new location and keeps it in an unopened state.Using this feature we can duplicate a database to more recent target database version, allowing us to update our existing database to the most recent version.Both servers should have Oracle Software installed on them.Make sure the Operating System is the same on both the servers.Two big disadvantages of the ACTIVE database duplication method are: If either of these negative impacts are not acceptable in your environment , you will need to switch to the old backup-based approach.

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