Cancer female and capricorn male dating

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Cancer female and capricorn male dating

The Cancer and the Capricorn is a live example of opposites attract.This is a severe blend of Water and Earth where none is ready to mix with each other.

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Once out of his serious course, he is very tender and gentle with a soft smile.

Can Capricorn men and Cancer women relationships be compatible mentally, emotionally and sexually?

The Capricorn Man Cancer Woman relationship can be great provided both the partners do not become overwhelmed with his endeavors.

He gives the warmth of love to cool surface of Capricorn woman and makes her feel more loved and secure.

Though mood swings of Cancer man may sound odd to Capricorn woman at times.

She offers the him everything he longs for in a marriage and will have no problems settling down with her.

He is able to thrive both in and outside of the home so he will be willing to take their family on a vacation but will also enjoy returning home each evening.

She is a very family-oriented person and will want to create a large family.

She will also surround herself with family instead of being out and about to make friends.

This is a relationship built on fidelity and trust, with neither partner likely to stray, and it has quite a serious, sober edge to it.

Capricorn man Cancer woman compatibility is all about creating the archetypal happy family life – even if they have to work hard to do so. The Capricorn man’s contribution will be through a traditional head of the family, breadwinner role.

This is an earth/water sign match, which are usually tender and passionate.

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