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MYSORE: In first ever incident from Mysore relating to alleged crime carried out by hijras/transgenders, an incident reported from Jayapura in Mysore district has sure shocked the conservative society in the heritage city.The incident of Manju, now changed into Manjula, has come to light after the Bangalore Police busted a racket of sex change of kidnapped boys and forcing them into prostitution.

The masseur had pleaded guilty last month to 11 charges.

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MUMBAI: A plucky teenager living on the streets rescued a nine-year-old boy who was being repeatedly sexually abused by a man and helped him lodge a police complaint.Though prima facie, Manju's charges seem quite 'beleivable', many questions have been haunting the experts regarding the whole 'kidnap' episode.Sayyaji Rao road, being the busiest, makes it difficult for crimes to take place without attracting the attention of atleast some persons.SINGAPORE: A Malaysian masseur not only hunted online for young boys to be his sexual prey; he also involved them in group sex with other older men, often enticing them with money.On Monday, District Judge Shaiffudin Saruwan sentenced Hiew Chung Wei, 42, to four years and 32 months in jail and a fine of ,000 (RM6,100).When he returned home recently, his parents were overjoyed, but only for a brief while since the boy had dressed up like a girl. ," he reportedly told the police and said he could even identify the hijras who took him.

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