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He reported back directly to the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, on his return to London, and ensured an increase in weapons and supplies for the resistance in France.

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The rabbits crouch on the ground with their ears back and in between each rabbit stands a vegetable stalk which a former workman has claimed to be a brussel sprout(7). 1896-1928: Square blue stamp with DEDHAM POTTERY printed over a rabbit; impressed foreshortened rabbit beneath. Accounts are that by selecting spotted rabbits that carried a resemblance to the Great Lorrainese (now known as Giant papillon), breeders wanted to create an attractive, fine looking rabbit, which for that time could be considered unusual, since the main objective then was to produce rabbits was for meat purposes.The English rabbit was very popular in the 1850s and 1860s, then for a short period seemed to disappeared from public view, only to reappear in the 1880s.Speaking at the mid-day unveiling will be Dr Celina Fox, vice chairman of the English Heritage Blue Plaques Panel and Mark Seaman, historian and writer of Yeo Thomas's biography, The Bravest Of The Brave.Squadron Leader Lee Roberts will speak on behalf of the RAF and Yeo-Thomas's niece, Carol Green, will unveil the plaque.After completing his education, undertaken in France, where he grew up, and in England, Yeo-Thomas joined the Allied armies in the First World War.

It was during this time he was captured by the Russians but killed his guard and fled. This was also the year that he met Barbara Dean, with whom he would come to share the flat at Queen Court, from the date she acquired it in 1941 and then throughout the rest of the war years.There are generally 10 rabbits in total and are spaced out evenly in a clockwise rotation. 1929-1943: REGISTERED added under standard Dedham Pottery stamp; two impressed foreshortened rabbits beneath. The Dedham rabbit design had been drawn by Miss Alice Morse and J. Rarely the decorator would add his initials, a date, or the initials of the purchaser but these instances were rare and therefor, for collecting purposes, valuable. The English Rabbit is one of the oldest breeds of rabbit, dating back to the mid 19th century with some records located, as early as 1838. The English rabbit has an arched type body, long slender legs with the hind legs parallel to the body, rounded hips and vertical ears.This breed may also be referred to as the Old English or the English Spot. The fully grown weight is 6 to 8 lbs (2.7- 3.6 kg) and so considered a medium sized rabbit. They make excellent pets and are well loved for their inquisitive nature. The life span is 5 years, but any lifespan of a rabbit is dependent on the care and diet given.The spy is recognised by the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography as 'among the most outstanding workers behind enemy lines whom Britain produced'.

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