Beck dating tori

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It is the second most popular ship on the show, after main rival Bade. Bori has many loyal fans and shippers and its own wiki, the Bori Wiki.

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Although there is bound to be some awkward moments between beck/Tori/jade WHAT?? I'm sure that if your boyfriend be like Beck, you'd already be equal or worse than Jade!

In Tori Goes Platinum, it is implied that Tori and Beck might have crushes on each other and they almost kissed.

Beck is also another friend, besides André, who Tori is close to.

He's known to be labeled as a "pretty boy" because of his appearance.

His hair is considered to be one of his most attractive features, as mentioned in Freak the Freak Out, Locked Up! Jade even mentioned on The Slap that she would be taking his gel and other products with her on a trip that weekend so that he "wouldn't look good while she was gone".

It is sometimes referred to as Teck (T/ori and B/eck), Beri (Be/ck and To/ri), Toreck (Tor/i and B/eck), or Beckori (Beck and T/ori) by some of its fans, although these terms are rarely used.

Let's do it (leans in and kisses Tori) Tori: "Man, I love this school! Bori is the pairing of Beck Oliver and Tori Vega (B/eck and T/ori). (They hug each other until Jade walks over and counts down) (Beck's Big Break) ~~ Beck: Hey, why is it pink? is true that she isn't the perfect gf and isn't even close to it ... he has no respect for his girlfriend and let everyone laugh at her!BECK DON' T DESERVE TO JADE OR ANY GIRL BECAUSE HE DON' T KNOW HOW VALUE THEM!!!He also seems to be very calm, wise, and mature at most times. As seen in A Film by Dale Squires, when he says he will be able to get some cheerleaders to come over and talk to Robbie, he seems to be aware of the effect his looks have on the opposite sex.However, Beck stays pretty modest about this, and it seems that he only takes advantage of his appearance to make Jade jealous.When Trina's tongue gets swollen and she can't do the singing, Tori's new friend Andre Harris (Leon Thomas III), tells Tori to fill in for Trina but she refuses.

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