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The Niagara-born Matthews was Prince's romantic interest in the early 1980s, though he also dated Vanity 6 singer Susan Moonsie, on the right. Records) Denise Matthews was a beauty queen and model from the Niagara region, just outside the city.

If you’re not doing it, thinking about it, or trying to get it (if not some combination of the three), then there must be something wrong with you, right? Lackluster libido isn’t reserved for the menopausal – roughly 30 percent of women experience problems with low sex drive, and college women aren’t immune.

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It was at these two rural utopian communities in northeast United States where she would start to learn photography.

Outside of her photography job, she wrote poetry and sang Mendelssohn and Wagner with the Temple Israel Choir.

so I tried to copy his solos and played them in front of him," Grantis told CBC in 2013.

Later, she wrote a song, Denise Matthews, or Vanity, can be seen between her two bandmates in Vanity 6.

Seasoned detectives and social workers estimate the number of girls being trafficked in Ontario today to be in the thousands.

On the streets, it’s known as “The Game.” Some of the girls are beaten by pimps — whipped with coat hangers heated up on a stove, punched, choked, burnt and forced to sleep naked at the foot of the bed, like dogs.

The truth is, there is a myriad of factors that affect your sex drive: stress, hormonal fluctuations, and losing that “spark” in a long-term relationship are just a few of the common culprits.

Not to mention that sex drive varies, naturally, among people.

Sexual human trafficking is the forced confinement or transportation of a person for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

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